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Hotel Pest Management Extermination Prevention by A 1 Termite and Pest Control serving Hickory North Carolina and surrounding areasHotel and Motel guests want convenient, comfortable, clean, pest free facilities for their overnight stays. Whether traveling for business, a wedding, or a holiday, these guests have the highest expectation that all of these requirements are met. People want to stay at a facility without the fear that they may encounter pests that could cause them to develop an illness or an allergic reaction. Most guests have no tolerance if a pest is discovered at any time during their visit. It is up to the management staff to ensure professional Pest Control practices are conducted for a pest free environment. A diligent agenda for a pest free environment truly needs to be followed to keep pests from decimating the hotel’s profits by creating havoc in the following ways:

  • Creating undesirable experiences for the customers
  • Health regulation violations
  • Harmful germ and disease transmission
  • Damage to foodstuff, raw material, and inventory
  • Reduction in productivity and morale in employees
  • Possible damage to hotel structures and adjoining buildings


Hotel Pest Management

Substantial pest management plans in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas include procedures to maintain or eliminate an extensive list of pests found around hotel or motel complexes. During their inspections, our Pros look for signs of these pests and conducive conditions to control and eliminate before they develop into a major infestation.

  • Insects – Flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, fleas, ticks, bees, and scorpions
  • Birds – Pigeons, sparrows, owls
  • Rodents – Mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons
  • Bedbugs

If regular hotel and motel pest management inspections and treatments for the entire property are not adhered to, the chance of infestations rising are great in Western NC. These pests will enter the structure through entrances and small cracks around the perimeter of the building. Protecting the property by sealing the entry points helps to make it more difficult for these pests to gain access.



  • Hotel suites and guest rooms
  • Spa and fitness areas
  • Lobbies and hallways
  • Convention and banquet rooms
  • Hotel grounds and parking lots
  • Kitchen and break rooms
  • Dining room and bar areas

Safe pest management practices include a full line of techniques for the control of pests that may be found on a hotel or motel site. The ultimate safety of the guest is the 1st priority when eliminating pests on a property, which is our professional exterminator’s first concern. It is their responsibility during the extermination to proceed without injury to any guest, or employee. Whether controlling stinging insects, or disease spreading rodents, our Pros use control methods and treatments for the comfort and well-being of all your guests.



Pests like cockroaches and rodents are attracted to hotel and motel properties because these facilities can fulfill their basic requirements for shelter, water, and food in temperate environments. Ignoring the presence of these pests can easily lead to a major infestation, requiring extensive extermination methods that could possibly close the hotel down for an undetermined length of time.

Allowing these pests to shelter themselves on the premises raises the risk of incurring health violations and fines, as well as ruining the property’s reputation for future business. The necessity for pest prevention and management helps hotel and motel managers provide an environment free of nuisance or damaging pests. Our professional exterminators utilize their entomological training and understanding of approved extermination techniques to offer thorough protection suited for the hotel and motel industry.



Whether your facility is located in the North Carolina Foothills or South, or you are located in the High Country or beyond, you can trust A-1 Termite & Pest Control to do the job right the first time. Schedule service online today, or call us at 828.544.1950. We look forward to being your trusted pest control provider!

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