Residential Pest Control Services by A-1 Termite & Pest Control near Hickory, NC

Whether it’s a one-time service or a quarterly visit, A-1 Termite & Pest Control can create a pest-free home for you and your family. We have experience exterminating spiders, ants, roaches and more from homes in Hickory, NC and beyond.


Commercial Protection Plans offered by A-1 Termite & Pest Control near Hickory and the Western North Carolina Area

A-1 Termite & Pest Control provides exceptional termite and pest services for business owners. Whether you manage a large warehouse or are constructing a new building A-1 Termite & Pest Control is the pest control solution for you.

Pest Protection Plans

protection plan offered by A-1 Termite and Pest Control

Whether you’re in a home or business, it’s crucial to make sure it’s safe, enjoyable, and pest free. With A-1 Termite & Pest Control’s pest protection plans, we help keep your home or business pest free. Learn more below.

Crawlspace Services

Crawlspace Services by A-1 Termite and Pest Control near Hickory NC

At A-1 Termite & Pest Control, we work to ensure the safety of your entire home, inside and out. We offer solutions that extend the life of your property, whether you have bed bugs, termite damage, or mold in your crawlspace.  Click below to learn more about our crawlspace services.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Pest Management Extermination by A1 Termite & Pest Control

At A-1 Termite & Pest Control, it’s our goal to keep the buildings in our communities safe and free of pests. Whether you’re a property owner, home builder or real estate agent in we offer services to help you. Making your property a safe place for you and everyone that uses it is important to us.

Radon Services

Radon Services offered by A-1 Termite and Pest Control near Hickory, NC

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is naturally occurring and often seeps up from the ground into your home. You can prevent this often undetectable but serious danger through radon testing and an appropriate radon mitigation plan if test results are found to exceed safe levels.


The Best Pest Management in West North Carolina

From Residential to Commercial Services A-1 Termite & Pest Control is Here to Solve all of Your Pest Management Problems. 


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